Instructional Videos

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Whether new to curling or a seasoned pro, everyone can use some instruction from the best in the sport.

We hope you will take the time to explore some of these videos and reinvigorate your game!

Canadian Curling Association (CCA): Lessons for New Curlers

Canadian Curling Association (CCA): Lessons for New Curlers (No stick delivery)

Canadian Curling Association (CCA) with Earl Morris: Adult Learn to Curl, Getting Started

Curl Up with Jamie: Balance Drills

Basics from World Curling

Delivery Setup

Basic Curling Strategy

Free Guard Zone

Broom Position when Throwing

How to Score

How to Read the Scoreboard

Body Position in the Hack

The Slide

Grip and Release

Weight Adjustment

Weight Judgement

What Different Weights Look Like

Hand Signals

Matching Rocks

How to Line Up

Follow Through

How to Use Stop Watches

Basic Strategy

Playing with the Hammer

Strategy with the Hammer

Strategy: How to Play with the Hammer

Avoiding Disaster with a Big Lead

Playing Without the Hammer

Final End Steal

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