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The Chatham Granite Club is grateful for the donations it receives from Members and Friends of the Club. Donations offset ongoing and future expenses making the sport of curling more accessible to the people of Chatham and the surrounding area.

The Chatham Granite Club not only offers sports recreation to the community including the school program, youth curling and learn to curl, but also provides many social events such as brunches, music nights, trivia nights and fashion shows open to everyone.

There are easy ways to make a donation:

National Sports Trust Fund – Ontario (NSTF-O)

The Chatham Granite Club has set up two accounts through CurlON with NSTF-O. Information about this program can be found on the Ontario Sport Network Website. Generally, the fund collects and holds donations on behalf of the Club and issues a charitable donation tax receipt. The Club will pay a handling fee of 4% when monies are withdrawn. On-line donations can be securely made with a credit card.

There are 2 funds available for donations as follows:

NSTF-O Operating Expenses (Covid-19 Relief) Trust Fund Project # 183
This account will gather donations that can be used for ongoing operating expenses. This fund can be accessed as needed for club expenses including repairs.

NSTF-O Capital Projects (Facilities Improvements Fund) Trust Fund Project # 168
Donations made to this account will be used for known upcoming major capital projects at the Club. Such projects will include replacement of the external roof above the ice surface, replacement of curling rocks that are nearing the end of their useful life, accessibility renovations, and so forth. The fund can be accessed when sufficient funds have been accumulated to complete at least one of the projects. The goal is to gather up to $150,000 over several years for these necessary projects.

The donation form can be found here:

Click this text for the NSTF-Ontario Donor Form

On the Donor Form, please select the fund from the drop-down menu on the form.



Direct Donations to the Chatham Granite Club

The Club will gratefully accept donations directly to the Club. No charitable donation tax receipt will be issued, but there will be no handling fee as for the trust funds described above. The money will be immediately available for either ongoing expenses or capital projects. Donations can be made in two ways:
Send a donation by e-Mail Transfer to , Chatham Granite Club
Send a donation by Cheque to Chatham Granite Club, 41 William Street North, PO Box 613, Chatham, Ontario, N7M 5K8

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