Chatham Granite Club

The Chatham Granite Club has five sheets of pristine, modern curling ice, change rooms with lockers and a licensed lounge facility with fully equipped kitchen. Our lounge is air conditioned and available for summer rental for functions such as business meetings, showers, wedding, and parties. The Chatham Granite Club also operates a fully stocked pro shop for all of your curling equipment needs.

Our ice conditions are quick and curly, just like professional ice today.  As modern as it comes, our ice is professionally maintained and considered "pristine" as well is competed on at a provincial level.  Our rocks are conditioned to provide fresh striking bands and a late breaking point.  The ice is considered some of the best in Ontario today and is all housed under original British Columbia Cedar.

Chatham Granite Club

41 William Street North
PO Box 613
Chatham, Ontario
N7M 5K8

Telephone: 519-352-4324

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