Chatham Granite Club wins the 2022 Kent Cup of Curling!

A narrow win by Chatham decided in the closing games brought the Cup from Blenheim to Chatham on March 19.

Starting in 2020, the four curling clubs in Chatham Kent annually face off against each other in a competitive challenge to claim the Kent Cup.

Blenheim Golden Acres Curling Club, Chatham Granite Club, Ridgetown Golf and Curling Club, and Wallaceburg Sydenham Community Curling Club all send their chosen teams to compete.

This year, the Chatham Granite Club hosted the event. Teams from each club competed in four divisions: Women, Men, Mixed and Senior Mixed. After two games in each division, winning points were totalled to determine the winner of the Cup in 2022.

Curling started at 8:45 AM and continued until 7:00 PM. The Kent Cup trophy was presented to the Chatham Granite Club following dinner for curlers and guests.

Spectators from the club memberships and the community at large watched some very exciting curling during the 16 games played. Many contests were decided by the last few rocks thrown. A community spirit of camaraderie and good cheer was shared by participants and spectators throughout the day.

Representing Chatham in the four divisions were:
Women: Nora Snelgrove, Anita Quenneville, Gillian Hueniken and Jill Slaughter
Men: John Young Jr, Aiden Poole, DJ Skipper and Justin Bezaire
Mixed: Tim Welbanks, Marion Schneider, Bill Park and Mary Robertson
Senior Mixed: Reg Johnson, Linda Brown, Doug Brown and Jackie Bray

Next year’s event will be hosted by Wallaceburg Sydenham Community Curling Club in March of 2023.

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